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A dancer is disfigured in a car accident. A creepy scientist thinks he can save her. Her sailor boyfriend tries to find her. The police bumble in every once in a while. The scientist's assistant becomes jealous of the dancer. And the scientist's creepy gardener wanders around, not really doing very much at all.

That is essentially the plot to Atom Age Vampire, a very awful horror film from 1960 that feels more like a talky soap opera than a horror film.

Animator Scott Bateman has stripped the audio from the film (it's OK; it's in the public domain) and animated an all-new movie to it, including a running text commentary on the (total lack of) action.

Scott Bateman was able to create his version of Atom Age Vampire for exactly zero dollars: the sound was in the public domain, and he animated every frame himself in Flash on his old MacBook, mostly at various Starbucks locations around New York City.

Animation Magazine calls Scott Bateman "a rising star of animation." Bill Corbett of Mystery Science Theater 3000 calls Scott Bateman's version of Atom Age Vampire "Very funny! In the MST3K tradition."

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Atom Age Vampire, 1960
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