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Animator Scott Bateman has taken the sound from the awful 1960 horror film Atom Age Vampire and has animated a new movie to it, which now features a love triangle between a stripper, a pirate and a mad scientist, plus a running text commentary on the (complete lack of) action!

The original "Atom Age Vampire" is in the public domain, so this is all perfectly legal. As far as we know.

Scott Bateman's version has been released with a generous Creative Commons license, but we hope you'll support the director and buy Atom Age Vampire on DVD.

"A rising star of animation."
--Animation Magazine.

"Very funny! In the MST3K tradition."
--Bill Corbett (MST3K, Rifftrax).

"Smart, funny, and silly all at once... (Scott Bateman)'s a hilarious dude."
--Sara Benincasa (Comedian and author of Agorabulous!).

"There are two mad geniuses at work in Atom Age Vampire: the one in the movie, and Scott Bateman himself. The result is genuinely funny."
--Bob Harris (Author, Prisoner of Trebekistan).

"The "B" in Cecil B. DeMille stood for "Bateman." Who knew?"
--John Kovalic (Cartoonist, Dork Tower)

"Under the brilliant patina of comedy, Bateman’s creatures are also vulnerable and tragic—the washed-up, the unrequited, the ruined. These characters shine under Bateman's watch."
--Deb Olin Unferth (Author, Vacation & Minor Robberies).

"Salon's Scott Bateman has taken the audio from this horror classic and re-animated the action, to hilarious effect. I've been hearing a lot of great buzz about this, so check it out."
--AMCTV's Horror Hacker blog.

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Atom Age Vampire, 1960
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Atom Age Vampire was released under the following Creative Commons license:

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