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About Scott Bateman:


  • Atom Age Vampire (2009):
    My debut full-length feature film, currently screening around the country. DVD is available here. Watch for screening info on my blog.
  • Shorts:
    Some of my short films have screened at the Free Range Film Festival in Minnesota and the Sunnyside Shorts Film Festival in New York City.


  • Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents, January 2007-March 2007, PlumTV:
    I produced every frame of animation for this 30-minute weekly series, as well as doing a great deal of the writing, many of the voices and even writing and performing all the incidental music. Voice talent included Pete Holmes (VH-1), Jenny Slate (VH-1), Kristen Schaal (HBO's Flight of the Conchords), and more. I also animated songs from UK indie band Clinic, Bay Area electronica artist Kid606, and cult legend Jandek (in his network TV debut) for the program.
  • My animation has also appeared on MTV, BBC World Service, MTV Europe, and more.


  •, June 2007-present:
    I do a weekly animation for the news-and-politics web site Guest voices have included rocker Andrew WK, supermodel Elyse Sewell, and more. Usually, I use actual audio of politicians and pundits.
  • Bateman365, August 2005-August 2006:
    I produced a short animated film every day for a year on his previous web site. Voice talent for this monumental project included John Hodgman (Daily Show), Michael Showalter (The Baxter), Paul Scheer (MTV’s Human Giant), indie band Yo La Tengo, Elyse Sewell (America’s Next Top Model) and many more. Animation Magazine named Bateman a "Rising Star of Animation" based on his work on this highly ambitious and hugely popular project. Many of the Bateman365 clips are still up on YouTube.


  • Scott Bateman’s Sketchbook of Secrets & Shame, Word Riot Press:
    My first book features a few hundred of his best sketchbook drawings and cartoons, plus essays about my work from Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Dave Eggers (McSweeney's), Mary Jo Pehl (Mystery Science Theater 3000), and more.
  • My work has also appeared in Attitude:The New Subversive Political Cartoonists (NBM) and 1000 Journals Project (Chronicle).



  • Scott Bateman Animation Show
    A semi-monthly hour-long live show in New York City where I screen my recent animations and discuss them with a panel of comedians. Past panelists have included John Oliver, Lizz Winstead, Michael Showalter and many more. Watch for announcements of upcoming shows on my blog.


  • King Features Syndicate, 1997-2005
    Scott Bateman’s political cartoons appeared in over 300 newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, and even in Spain's biggest daily paper El Pais.


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